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9, نوفمبر 2010

Bicing is a community bicycle program in Barcelona, Spain that allows citizens to use bikes in high-traffic areas then return them to another Bicing station.  The purpose of the program is to allow commuters to travel in an environmentally-friendly way that cuts carbon emissions and relieves  traffic congestion.  The system is only 30 € per year, which makes it a cheap option for public transportation.  The bicycles are specially designed to prevent theft of parts.

Bicing Video

This video shows how helpful the Bicing system is to commuters in Barcelona.

A citizen returns a bike at a Bicing station

Negotiations: The negotiations are  between traffic and commuting, efficiency versus conservation, and community sharing versus consumerism.

Taxonomic Categories: environmental corrective design, community design.

An example of one of the bikes which are designed to prevent theft of parts.

We chose this design-fix because it helps the consumer without hurting their wallets and it also benefits the environment.  The concept of community bicycle sharing is one that could be adapted to use in many other cities as well as areas like college campuses.

Transportation Across Atlanta
For our project we would like to research various modes of transportation across Atlanta. Atlanta is a very large and busy city and people must commute to their jobs everyday by various means. With Atlanta being so large many people are forced to have a very time consuming commute. We would like to look at various methods of transportation and then eventually single it down to one and improve that method. The MARTA train, MARTA buses, bikes, cars, scooters, and walking are all different methods we plan to investigate. We believe that by looking into each of these methods we will be able to improve one of them or combine a couple of them to make transportation across Atlanta more efficient overall.