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Team: Old Skool

Members: Chris Sovchen, Jason Leonard, and Kyle Jennings

Notes and Rationale: We would like to research the materials that have been used over the years only to be recalled due to either health concerns, availability, or ecological impact. The construction industry is moving towards greener engineering which includes reduction of waste by using recyclable resources with extended lifespans. Our hope is to discover what the up and coming materials are and how they will change the construction industry’s perspective on material cost and waste. Furthermore, this research can potentially help us illuminate the aspect of responsible design. In other words, design and development must consider what impact the final product will have and not just whether it is cheap and pretty or how much profit can be made. Does the design create more harm than good? Is it in fact destruction rather than innovation?

Ultimately, a GC may use a certain material because it is cheap, but if said material will need to be replaced due to fore mentioned issues then doesn’t the cost in fact go up. So, maybe a contractor spends more money on the front end but there is a long term savings available. Furthermore, the structure’s quality is improved which could bring repeat customers/ clients as well as a solid name in the industry.

Taxonometric Categories: Responsible Design, Socially Conscious, Environmentally Sustainable, Safe Standardization, Oversight Aware, Legally Abiding Design

Negotiations: Safe vs. Fiscally Desirable/ Aesthetics vs. Footprint/ Responsible vs. Profit/ Material Availability vs. Innovation/ Health vs. HomelessnessOrganized Oversight vs. Public Safety/ Money vs. Time vs. Money vs. Time vs.  Money/ General Contractors vs. Constraints/ Liability vs. Character/

Examples and Source Links:

Katrina Trailer Failure

Siding Recall

Drywall Recall


Why are we re-inventing the wheel? Here are a few examples of projects that are entirely off of the grid and incorporate sustainable materials and construction.