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Elevator Pitch: Community Bikes

22, نوفمبر 2010

For: People seeking quick and local transportation when they need it.
Who: Want to use bicycles as a means yet can’t afford or owning is unpractical.
Our innovation offers: bikes that can be rented from numerous convenient locations, but there is a level of accountability and possibly a membership needed.
That provides: strategic pick up and drop off locations around a populated geographic area.
Unlike: middle man bike shops.

Highlights: Due to our research of the many transportation possibilities, we discovered that in light of MARTA’s revenue issues they might in fact benefit from this program as well. Not to mention, they are already set up for this type of addition. They already have video surveillance, and a proxi-card that is linked to the owner. Therefore, setting up a bike rental at every Marta bus stop and station would be a sinch. It would also help alleviate passengers bringing their own bikes onto the trains and buses. The major flaw in the previous systems has been vandalization and theft, hence why the video monitoring is crucial. Not to mention, there is already a staff presence, making it a bit easier for bike rental transactions. Our ultimate goal is to incorporate this system on Tech campus, we also have a proxi-card system and a plethora of students without cars or bikes. Furthermore, it could be staffed entirely by students, with some of the proceeds being the main contributor of their pay. So, not only does this system provide green transportation on campus but it creates jobs as well.