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Test Post!

1, نوفمبر 2010

Hello World!

I am using this test post to show you a recent project that my girlfriend and I have been working on. It is for a design competition for the MODA, where we were asked to to create a 9×20 foot donor wall.  A few nights of painstaking work lead to an interactive wall that uses computer vision to detect someone walking by it and provokes the user to discover typographic objects hidden within it. We used Processing to code it up.

I made a computer recognize a person walking by and pixelate them using their actual real world colors.

Above is actually what the computer sees superimposed on top of what the user sees. We then made text pop up on the screen to interact with the user.

Of course this is just a test image from the design document, but we did get the thing working. Just thought I’d share my first attempt at interactive art.

Update: video of me acting a fool demoing it of where it currently stands.

Untitled from Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi on Vimeo.