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10, نوفمبر 2010

Andrea Del Risco, Michelle Kraus, Colleen Lu

The Glif is a simple design that has multiple purposes. It was created as a means of enhancing the iPhone4 experience. The creators wanted to develop a way that was easier for iPhone4 users to take photos, videos, video chat, and view information hands-free. Through the Glif, they managed to create a product attachment that was both sleek and functional.

Glif being used as a mini-computer stand.

We chose this product because of its versatility and relativity to today’s society. Since there is such a heavy focus on technology and functionality, the Glif is a perfect example of design that incorporates both into a simple attachment. The fact that it is also relatively small adds to its appeal. Most attachments today are working on becoming less bulky, but the Glif has already achieved that. Instead of being stored separately from the phone, the Glif can remain attached and serve as an antennae protector.

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Enhancement Design, Technological Design, Innovative Design, Multipurpose Design, Interaction Design


Multifunctions vs. Single Functions

Hands-free vs. Hand-held

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