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Tarties (Field Study Data)

25, نوفمبر 2010

As college students living on campus and forced to walk to and from class, the inconvenience and safety issues of walking in the city have become apparent. Sidewalks and crosswalks can be crowded, are exposed to the weather, and often entail hidden dangers for the pedestrian. Inclement weather seems to pose the biggest issue for pedestrians in the city. To get a better understanding of the issues pedestrians face in urban areas, we decided to interview Tech students out and about campus concerning their views on sidewalk and crosswalk problems and how they could be improved. We walked around the campus, specifically along Techwood and Atlantic Drive, asking pedestrians that we came across what bothered them about being a pedestrian on campus and how they thought sidewalks and crosswalks could be improved for the safety and convenience of the pedestrian. A few consistent ideas surfaced:

1. The most common complaint was about walking in the rain. The sidewalks gather puddles and flood in some places. Students don’t like having to deal with umbrellas and the Stinger buses become very crowded with people who are trying to avoid the rain. It is difficult to maneuver through the sidewalks when everyone is using umbrellas.

2. The second most common complaint was about the maneuverability of sidewalks. People want the sidewalks to be wider so they don’t become so crowded. One student suggested making sidewalks more like roads, with sides marked to avoid collision and confusion of opposite traffic flow.

3. People want safer crosswalks. There are some crosswalks on campus where cars are required to stop by law but often do not. One student suggested some kind of light that alerted a car that it needs to stop for a pedestrian to cross.

4. Another common response was concerning conflicts with the Stinger shuttles and other campus transportation. A few suggestions were more and larger covered areas at the bus stops and more visible signs displaying arrival times.

5. Handicap access surfaced a few times. There are not enough ramps in the curbs.