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Schools for Schools

9, نوفمبر 2010

Group Members: Kiyah Critendon, Jennifer Driesbach, Samantha Sussberg, Carly Smith

If you have never heard of the organization ‘Invisible Children’, you won’t be familiar with their organization ‘Schools for Schools’. Let us start off by explaining what Invisible Children is. In Uganda, a country in Africa, there are thousands of citizens living in poverty. A group of people part of the Invisible Children organization has raised money in support to make Uganda a better place to live. The organization, ‘Schools for Schools’ specifically targets the educational well being of young children in Uganda. The organization receives donations from high schools and colleges in the United States to spend towards the education in Africa. Whichever school raises the most money can have the opportunity to go to Uganda and volunteer to make the school system better. The detailed areas of implementation of Schools for School are water and sanitation, books and supplies, construction of new facilities, and technology. Some specific innovative solutions are the Interlocking Soil Stabilized Blocks (ISSB), which was designed to be high quality, and inexpensive versus the average brick used in most construction.


  • Ways to go to Uganda: Most money, creative idea
  • The money goes towards: technology (classrooms, water systems, dorm rooms, administrative buildings, science labs, and libraries), software (teacher and administration training, curriculum development)


  • Education vs. Money
  • Opportunity vs. Volunteer’s education

More information:

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