Café Habana

10 نوفمبر

Andrea Del Risco, Michelle Kraus, Colleen Lu

Café Habana is a restaurant designed to minimize waste, use efficient alternative sources of energy, and educate clients about green methods. The restaurant is as eco-friendly as possible, recycling objects like an old mail truck, and turning it into a lunch truck instead; using solar roofs; encouraging recycling with bio-degradable products; sorted trash bins; and reusing sink and rain water for flushing the toilet. Waiters also make it a point to inform customers about the restaurant’s sustainable efforts and encourage them to do the same. From mail truck to toilet water, everything in Café Habana is geared towards reducing production of trash and reusing what it can.

In the popular trend of “going green”, Café Habana is a clear choice for our case studies. Within a business, it maximizes the different sustainable methods that can be used in a community. Not only does it have its focus on keeping its own environment “green”, it encourages the community it participates in to do so as well. By giving discounts to people who bicycle-power their smoothies and giving excess energy from their solar panels to the neighboring apartments, Café Habana incentivizes their customers and neighbors to join the “green” movement.


Resourceful Design, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Community Design


Profit vs. Environment, Traditional vs. Progressive, Waste vs. Recycle

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Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi

نوفمبر 13th, 2010 at 12:29 ص

Approved. Please feel free to move on to assignment 1 with this topic. You’ve attached Assignment 0 as a Category but still need to attach your group name as a category.


pink albatross

ديسمبر 12th, 2010 at 9:07 م

o.0 Bicycle powered smoothies, that’s cool. There are a bunch of green designs on this blog, but I really like this because it takes all of those green ideas and implements them together into something successful. It’s also a really nice way to spread the green fever and raise awareness throughout the community while still staying in business.



ديسمبر 15th, 2010 at 3:45 م

Cafe Habana really does seem like a perfect choice for our case studies so I think it’s great that you found this and presented it. I like how you broke down the negotiations into simple but specific categories that quickly tell what is being transformed and considered. I wonder how this restaurant’s sustainable efforts are effecting the area: are other restaurants following the same guides/examples set up by Cafe Habana? I checked the restaurant’s site and it was interesting to find that they not only are a restaurant but they have a market store. Also, I found on their blog the other ways that they have been spreading their sustainable energy ideas.
-Smruti Keshani



ديسمبر 16th, 2010 at 10:23 ص

Caitlyn Simpson
Cafe Habana is an excellent source of design negotiations. The negotiation that was particularly interesting to me was the negotiation between Profit vs. Environment. In this restaurant’s case, the eco-friendly attitude and “green” theme have actually drawn customers in and helped their bottom line. Most people feel better about spending money on a service or product that is helping the environment rather than harming it. The expense of converting the toilets from potable water to grey water is not a typical expense of a restaurant; however, this initial investment in “green” practices actually draws many customers. Even though some of their “green” practices are not completely practical (the bicycle smoothie?) these fun activities help to spread the word and encourage others to be conscious of the energy and water they use as well as the waste they produce.

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