The High Line

9 نوفمبر

By Samantha Sussberg, Carly Smith, Kiyah Critendon, Jennifer Driesbach

The High Line is the perfect example of innovative design- taking old ideas and recreating them into new ones. This park is located on the West Side in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District. This area was constructed in the 1930’s in order to elevate industrial freight trains and get them off of the streets of New York. A section of this old structure was turned over to the city of New York and redesigned as a public park. The park was finally opened in June, 2009, and stretches for about a mile and a half. While walking through this narrow strip of park, it is easy to forget that you are in the middle of a city; that is, until you remember being surrounded by skyscrapers and noisy traffic. The landscape blends perfectly with the surrounding city, offering a safe haven in order to view the city from a distance, for a change.


The High Line Design Video 2008


  • old vs. new
  • preserving and reusing old structures
  • park vs. city
  • rest in the midst of chaos

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