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Everyday, 73 percent of the world’s newspapers are recycled and used to produce new materials such as newsprint.  This is greatly increased from the 30 percent that was recycled back in the 1980’s. With the large amount of resources, more options are opened for the use of the recycled paper. A young designer by the name of Mieke Miejer has invented a new design for wood using many sheets of newspaper. With the combined effort of Vij5 Design Company in Sweeden, Miejer has produced a sustainable material that can be cut and sanded as if it were real wood. The many layers of newspaper create a similar look to the rings in the wood of a tree. The design is resourceful and flips the natural process of making wood to lengthen the usability life of a single tree. The wood is cut and made into paper. After being recycled, the paper is transformed back into wood. The design cycle doubles the use and could potentially cut the amount of trees destroyed drastically.

Categories: Eco-friendly design, resourceful design, company design

Negotiations: Designer and Company Collaboration, urban life versus ecosystem, designer versus resources, and material waste versus invention

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Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi

نوفمبر 12th, 2010 at 10:17 م

Approved. Please feel free to move on to assignment 1 with this topic. However, your negotiations need stronger consideration. Possibly extending your project to not only include this newspaper wood but to in general include a class of recycled materials, may allow you to touch on other use cases (something like this actually implemented). Use this as a point of inspiration and then branching out to other examples that accomplish similar goals.

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