Innovation Project Pin-Up Ready!

2 ديسمبر


The walls are ready on the 2nd floor for you to pin-up your work.  Just a few things:

1.  Please DO NOT remove the labels that I have pin’d up.  The jury will be using this label to coordinate a number with your group’s project.
2. Don’t forget to leave a comment for 3 teams that are not yours.  Please use the rubric that I have pin’d up up to give the groups constructive feedback.  You can leave the comment in the envelope that is pin’d up next to each group.  You can leave these comments anonymous if you would like.  Please leave comments individually.
3. Once you have left a comment in 3 envelopes I would also like you to fill out an online version so that I can track who has left a comment and track the results.  I would like you put your name on the online version, but I will not include your name when I give the feedback to each group.  The online survey will ask you to vote for your top 3 projects, so please make sure that you take the time to look through all the projects. Here is the online version: ONLINE SURVEY (
4. I have laid out the walls so that 2 groups pin-up on each side.  I have formatted it so that each group will pin up horizontally across, but if your group and the other group pin’d up on that wall would like to coordinate a different layout that is ok too.  The only thing I ask is that you don’t move to another wall.  I have given each group a number and strategically laid out the order, so PLEASE DO NOT REORDER the groups.
5. Finally, please send me a digital version of your presentation.  Please send this a pdf (NO indesign files please!!) Please send this by midnight on Friday.

Thank you, I look forward to seeing your projects tomorrow.

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