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Further exploration of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA for short:


  • MARTA is the ninth-largest transit system in the United states
  • It was originally designed solely as a bus system in 1971 but now has developed into transit system enterprise with a bus system and rapid transit system that consists of 48 miles of rail track with 38 train stations.
  • MARTA operates in Fulton and DeKalb County with two stops in Cobb County.

Birth of the Breeze Card:

  • A token-based fare collection system was available for commuters prior to the “Breeze” card conversion.
  • The “Breeze” card system was implemented in September of 2006.
  • The card system proved to be a quick success, and the token system ceased to exist immediately after the implementation.
  • The card system offers two options:
  • 1)  Limited-use ticket for visitors and other “light” users (with an additional 50 cent fee required)
  • 2) Extended-use card for frequent MARTA users who need load time-based passes (with is $1)
  • MARTA operates 365 days a year

Government Control:

  • MARTA is a multi-country agency that is governed by a board of directors
  • This board of directors consists of representatives appointed from the city of Atlanta and counties of Fulton and DeKalb
  • The highest position at MARTA is the general manager and chief executive officer


  • MARTA has had two fatal accidents, both in 2000.
  • In addition to these accidents, MARTA trains have derailed four times.
  • In 2007 MARTA had three separated escalator accidents that injured at least 11 people.

Going Green with MARTA:

  • MARTA takes more than 185,000 cars off the roads every day
  • MARTA’s entire bus fleet uses clean fuel technology, which significantly reduces air pollutants in the Atlanta region
  • GO MARTA!!

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