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2 ديسمبر

This page provides a long term price estimate for laying turf on baseball field.  The estimate is given by FieldTurf, the turf producer I find most suitable for our project.  This is ideal because we get accurate pricing for laying down and maintaining turf.  FieldTurf estimates that the turf requires around $5,000 in maintenance per year.  This is probably accurate based on the amount of traffic the field would take through the time span of the school year.

This page provides a chart that shows the price range for FieldTurf with infill by the foot.  This is important because we needed to base the price of the turf on the size of the parking deck, roughly two squares of 150’x150’.

This page on FieldTurf’s website outlines the advantages of their product.  This was important in deciding to use turf over natural grass as well as deciding what type of turf to use.  One of the main factors in the decision was the safety ratings of the turf.  It provides cushion for falls, ensuring that the person falling lands uninjured.  Also, the safety of the turf guaranteed safe for eight years.

This is the Bursar’s page on Georgia Tech’s website.  This was useful as it had statistics on the various fees charged to Georgia Tech students each semester.  The fee we were interested in was the Campus Recreation (CRC) fee, as it pertains to the recreation facilities on campus.  The money students spend on this fee could be used to fund our project.

This page describes the upkeep of turf fields.  It explains the differences in turf vacuums, and how they work.  This was useful when considering the cost, labor, and equipment involved with installing a turf field on a parking deck.

Around Georgia Techs campus there are a few greenspaces where students can participate in outdoor activities, but none completely placed in an extremely busy centralized area.

  • The Tech Green
  • Tech Tower Lawn
  • SAC Fields
  • The Burger Bowl

Collecting water the water drained from the top of the parking deck could prove beneficial considering the expected water shortages in the furture and the small amount of renewable energy we could gain.

Water power can be created through water being forced through a pipe to spin turbines which in turn spin a generator .

Micro Hydro facilities can produce small amounts of energy.

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