Field Research

1 ديسمبر

Pink albatross creeps on people (all in the name of research).

Clusters happen around power outlets, cause hold ups, congest flow, impede traffic.

People want to move to other places, they don’t want to be stuck beside the wall.

Also, plugging oneself into the wall, and having all of your wires and equipment out is like marking out your own turf, blocking yourself from the rest of the environment.

so how can we get ppl free? so they can study where they want, when they want, how they want, without having to relocate every time their battery life dwindles.

then like, if we’re in the middle of lecture, and we need to charge our lap tops, we can just whip this out and extend our battery life.

just think… if you were stuck in the middle of that lecture and your battery died.  It’s terrible–personal experience.

–pink albatross

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