Q&A: What is the core value proposition & innovative offering?

30 نوفمبر

The section on innovative offering should explain what your offering is.  Is it a service a product a system, ect.  What does it do?  How does it work?  What are the features and benefits of your product/service? Features are the characteristics of a product or service that you have designed as part of the offering. The benefit is the result your customer enjoys.

The Core value proposition:

The core value proposition is a concise statement that summarizes why a consumer should buy the product or use the service your team has developed. This statement should convince a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings.  The core value proposition is concise and appeals to the consumer’s strongest decision-making drivers.

Focus on what differentiates your offering from those that currently exist and what your offering does really well.  What are the Unique Features: Explain your competitive advantage. What makes your product/service better, faster, more durable, etc.? What is the unique benefit that your solution provides?

It should NOT simply be explaining what makes the innovation an innovation.  It is very important to tie back to how your offering is creating value.

Core Value Proposition IS:

•what it is your company offers that is unique to the marketplace and that meets a real need for your customers

•short & concise

•a long list of benefits (faster, cheaper, easier to use…)

example: For the $100 Laptop, their core value proposition is: To create educational opportunities for the world’s poorest children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop with content and software designed for collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning. When children have access to this type of tool they get engaged in their own education. They learn, share, create, and collaborate. They become connected to each other, to the world and to a brighter future.

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