Q&A: What is the difference between consumer/stakeholder profiles and user experience criteria?

30 نوفمبر

A: Consumer & Stakeholder profiles should include:

Target Market – Consumer Demographics & Psychographics, User Needs & Pain Points

Stakeholder Profiles – indicate all stakeholders, their needs

–It is important that you create a clear line between the consumer & stakeholders profile and the solution, you need to build a strong business case as to why these people would gain value and be interested in the innovative offering that you are providing

User Experience Criteria Includes:

The experience criteria that your final innovation solution provides.  I.E. For example, in the $100 laptop case, based on their research they found that the final solution must be intuitive, fun to use, fun for children, allow for imagination & exploration, a learning tool for in and outside the classroom, easy & accessible wi-fi connection, light-weight, easy to carry and hold, ect.

–These criteria should come from your field research and be grounded in what you learned from your research

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