Innovation Project Pin-Up:

30 نوفمبر

Reminders and Suggestions:

1. Final Deliverable: 10 11×17 poster presentation is due Dec 3rd, should be pin’d up by noon, you will have from 9-12am on Friday to pin-up.  There will be three teams pin’d up on each side of a pin-up wall, and there will be a label where your team should pin-up their work.

  • All Teams will pin-up on the 2nd Floor
  • Send Digital copy of Presentation to Shabi as well

2. There will be a jury that will review and judge your work, this jury will include members from the Business School, Industrial Design School, and College of Architecture.  The jury will be looking for an innovative concept with a well-defined business case.
3. There will be three awards: First, Second & Third
4. There will also be comment sheets and comment envelopes for each team, as part of this project, you must constructively comment on at least 3 projects that are not yours.  The presentations will be pin’d up all weekend, so you will have from Friday to Sunday evening to leave a comment in 3 envelopes.  Also comment through digital survey.

It is extremely important to spend time this week defining the innovative concept, building the business case and clearly communicating your solution.  Use your indesign and photoshop skills, as well as other communication skill you learned this semester, to create a poster presentation that effectively communicates your teams solution.  Keep your posters highly visual and minimize the amount of text used, try and use no more than 1000 words throughout all 10 posters. Look at the four one-design fixes that are hanging on the gray wall as examples.

Also, please continuously check the Q&A section of the rand blog as this is where you should post any questions you have about the project and where I will post clarifications and responses to your questions.

Thank you.

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