ISS & growBot

10 نوفمبر

We selected the International Space Station as a topic due to its complete isolation from the world of high/formal design, the overwhelming focus of its makers on function, and the international nature of its construction. It encompasses negotiations between scientists and public policists, earth and space, and the advancement of technology in general.

It looks like this.

GrowBot was selected for its nature as a community discussion rather than a product, its emphasis on computing and results rather than aesthetics, and for the aggressive angle it maintains towards the construction of a sustainable future.

This video is weirdly made but gets their point across well.

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Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi

نوفمبر 13th, 2010 at 12:04 م

Approved. Please feel free to move on to assignment 1 with the Growbot topic.

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