Q: We are having trouble coming up with ideas & brainstorming for the innovation project. Please Help!

24 نوفمبر

A:   The ideation part of this exercise should be the most fun, not the most strenuous.  Here are some tips:

1.  I suggest you broaden your research, plan observational research, talk to users or experts, look to the fringes – talk to extreme users, see what users like and dislike about the  experience, document your own experiences…like you did in 1011 try and understand the entire experience that people go through, so that you can find their pain points and identify unmet needs

2. Don’t pigeon-hole yourselves around your first proposal…it is fine that you start with an issue and then allow your research findings to lead you to an entirely different problem areas,  like i said in class innovation is not a linear process, and sometimes you start in one place and end up in another

3. Try and use different brainstorming techniques:
– here is a great resource that can help your team out: http://celestinechua.com/blog/25-brainstorming-techniques/
– one really great technique is using analogies to help you think beyond what you know….for example, people do laundry so that they can keep their clothes clean and to keep themselves  healthy…….what are some analogous activities that people go through with similar goals, for example, people use hand sanitizers to disinfect their hands and keep themselves healthy, could you think of similar type of solution for clothes…. or you can think of analogous experiences , for example, some people hate doing laundry because there are so many steps involved and if you don’t manage the steps your clothes get ruined, much like some people hate cleaning their kitchen floor because of the many steps, but then swiffer came out and made it a one step simple process, is there a swiffer like solution for laundry?

4. As you go through your brainstorming allow your minds to be open and come up with any ridiculous idea…no idea is too ridiculous.  If your team needs inspiration watch the longer version of the ideo video: There are three parts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUazVjvsMHs&feature=related

5.  Once you have completed the brainstorm and want to select ideas to pursue, that is when I want you to bring in the constraint of social, economic, environment, or political global issues.  So what I mean by that is you still want to come up with a solution that could help the world improve in some way.  But you don’t need to bring in this constraint during the brainstorming process….let yourself go wild during the brainstorm

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