Elevator Pitch- The World of Beverage

23 نوفمبر

1.      For: Users of beverage vending machines, environmentalists, recyclers, polymer engineers, etc.

2.      What target market is dissatisfied with: People not willing or just too lazy to recycle will just dump empty bottles wherever they want. With these people illegally littering and not recycling, these recyclable materials are just put to waste. The lack of recycling has been such a significant issue over the past years, and a viable fix is essential to saving our environment.

3.      Innovation Offering: Our innovation project offers a durable re-usable drinking bottle, 30% of which from plants, that will fit into a unique vending machine. This machine will provide customers with an insert for their re-usable bottle where they can get a refill. A discount will be given to those who use this bottle.

4.      That Provides: Our innovation project will provide a solution to the amount of plastic bottles that are in circulation by developing the above concept.

5.      Unlike: This product will be unlike any other in that it will give consumers a bottle that they can re-use and not worry about the recycling that is seemingly forced upon society today.

6.      Solving Problem: The PlantBottle currently advertised,  states that it is 100% recyclable. However, this does not mean that 100% of people recycle. With this new vending machine design partnered with the PlantBottle, we promote recyclable materials, as well as reduce the current amount of these materials in circulation.

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نوفمبر 24th, 2010 at 8:53 ص

Re-look at statement number 2, it shouldn’t be addressing who is dissatisfied, but it should address what your target market is dissatisfied with….take a look at the other student examples.

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