Elevator Pitch/SitBPE Jr.

22 نوفمبر

Who: Georgia Tech Students/Alumni/Football Fans

Where: Georgia Institute of Technology, Peter’s Parking deck

What: Lack of green space on campus, Parking deck reflects heat, pools rain water

Fix: Artificial turf on Peter’s Parking Deck’s top level

Every few weekends in the fall, thousands of people gather on Georgia Tech’s campus to tailgate and watch a Yellow Jackets game.  However, unlike other universities, Georgia Tech lacks the open green space to allow for a large number of tailgaters.  On those same weekends, many residents on east campus attempt to play football, soccer, or Frisbee on the tiny, lopsided grassy quad between Towers and Glenn Halls.  If you take a moment to watch them play you would see that the field was not meant for any type of athletic activity.  It is too small and uneven, plus it is covered in metal drain covers that do not do an adequate job of draining rain water.  One could provide room for both the tailgaters and the students playing football with one simple move.  Peter’s parking deck sits adjacent to Bobby Dodd stadium, but the top level is paved and not ideal for a family tailgate or play.  If it was covered in artificial turf, and had a decent drainage system, the parking deck could become a popular green space on campus for east campus residents and tailgaters alike.  This plan would also make Peter’s more eco-friendly.  The top level currently collects large puddles of rain water.  If drainage pipes were installed under the turf you could redirect this much needed water to surrounding trees and plants.  This plan benefits the students, football fans, and the surrounding environment.

Elevator Pitch

1. Students, Alumni, Fans

2. Lack of green space on campus for recreation

3. Combining aspects of a field & parking garage into one space

4. Creating more leisure space while still catering to the need for on-campus parking

5. The current parking garage which has somewhat unsafe and under utilized recreation on top

6. Allows students to utilize a large, flat green space in the center of Georgia Tech’s urban campus

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نوفمبر 24th, 2010 at 8:30 ص

Nice work, very interesting proposal. Keep on brainstorming ideas, and allow this to be just on of your ideas for now. Upload your brainstorming activity as well.

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