Elevator Pitch

22 نوفمبر

Field Study of Brittain:

•  dingy

•  yellow tinted lighting-makes for a dreary experience

•  not cohesive

•  tables close together-hard to walk in between

•  exclusive sitting arrangements-spaced out/strangers don’t have to sit close

•  floors are slippery and sticky

•  tables are dirty

•  the plates aren’t always clean

•  frequent table cleaning

•  germs from table get on eating utensils (cross contamination)

•  they put out the food and wait until its all gone to replenish it (leave food out all day)

•  starfruit: looks like plastic

•  “Woody’s is clearly better than Brittain because…”

•  refill milk often

•  leaking drink fountains creating the sticky mess on the floors

•  innumerable spills

•  handles of ladles fall into food so you have to put your entire hand in the fries or in the soup to get the ladle

•  the people clean tables while students are still eating at the table

•  search for a clean plate

•  waffle machine-people make grilled cheese in  it/disgusting/crusty batter

•  hand sanitizer located on the walls

•  “Its shocking that the drink fountain actually worked today”

Field Study of Student Center:

  • All subjects enjoy eating in the student center because it is convenient and the food is better than brittain
  • Thought that it is generally clean for the most part except for at lunchtime, when tables and floor and trashcans are overfilled and dirty
  • To change: more self responsibility and have more staff that do trash rounds constantly
  • Cleaning the tables more frequently is a must
  • Also need to vacuum the carpet area more often
  • All subjects talked mainly about how it needs to be kept clean, with more frequent rounds, especially during meal times
  • Dynamic environment, with interesting light fixtures and wide variety of seating arrangements
  • Seems like a fun and inviting place to be
  • Tables are really close together so it makes it hard to walk when there are large crowds
  • Service is quite slow, even when there aren’t very many people there
  • Soda machines run out of ice often


  • Some sort of incentive for the students to keep the student center cleaner
  • Adjust work zones for staff during busy times, to ensure that the garbage cans especially are constantly emptied/cleaned
  • Rework spacing for tables
  • Add more condiment stations away from lines so as to reduce traffic
  • Make sure that food is exchanged often, so as to avoid contamination
  • Keep the utensil stations and drink machines full and operational at all times
  • Discover a better way for the ladles and serving utensils to stay out of food, but also keep from getting contaminated by counters, hands, etc.

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نوفمبر 22nd, 2010 at 10:56 م

This is not the correct assignment. Please look at the elevator pitch handout. For this assignment all you need to do is fill in the blank for those 6 statements. http://rand.gatech.edu/?p=22571



نوفمبر 23rd, 2010 at 1:35 م

Great start on the research! Interesting brainstormed ideas. Great work so far! Keep on brainstorming & uploading your brainstorming activities.

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