Elevator Pitch

22 نوفمبر

For: the hungry and homeless; single men and women 20-45

Who are dissatisfied with: not being helped by organizations unaffiliated with religion, being hungry during off-hours at soup kitchens, and having  to journey to the soup kitchen.

Innovation offering: a food kiosk, mobile and fully functional

That provides: a more-easily accessible  food service provided by an  by an organization unaffiliated with religion.

Unlike: denominational shelters and soup kitchens


Our mission is to take leftovers from businesses and restaurants and transport this food directly to the homeless and hungry of Atlanta.

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نوفمبر 23rd, 2010 at 11:07 ص

Good work on the elevator pitch.

Nice research findings. It is interesting that you found that single adults have the hardest time, thus you are focusing on that population. What is the field activity that your team is planning? The internet research is great, but please make sure that you also plan on doing some field research. When you are doing the field research try and gain a more personal and emotional perspective of the issue. The research you have now only provides a functional perspective. It is important to see both sides.

Additionally, don’t finalize your concept yet, let this remain as one idea. Continue brainstorming alternate ideas and please upload your brainstorming activities as well.



نوفمبر 26th, 2010 at 10:25 م

Our team has conducted some field research. We volunteered at a the City of Refuge (http://cityofrefugeinc.com/volunteer-2/). Our team noticed that a majority of the people coming for food were single males. We did not see many families or children. We also noticed that they were being preached at when standing on line. Some did not pay attention, but some did acknowledge the religious preaches. All were very grateful, and we even got some hugs from some of them. From this field experience, we diecided to focus on a more-easily accesible food service that is unaffiliated with religion and targeted at single people.

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