Starstrukk | Elevator Pitch

21 نوفمبر
  1. For any individual who is tired of being formed by the world
  2. Who are dissatisfied with: always running into someone wearing the same shirt/jacket as you, and not being able to find clothes that “define” you/ your taste.
  3. Our innovation offering is to provide customers with clothing that can commercialize individualism in a large scale market.
  4. We are providing a solution by enabling costumers a low cost opportunity to customize their clothing.
  5. Our idea is different from that of other companies such as NIKE iD, HatShack, and other customizing clothing stores because we provide our clothing at an affordable cost.
  6. Our innovation can help create a larger demand for customized clothing by making it affordable due to the simplicity of having different templates, designs, and clothing for our customers to choose from rather than having to change the whole product design from the beginning.

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نوفمبر 23rd, 2010 at 11:52 ص

Great work on the elevator pitch. Keep on brainstorming more ideas and post your brainstorming activities as well.

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