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21 نوفمبر

I see that some of you are struggling with your topic areas, here are just a few pointers:

When you are analyzing and brainstorming around your topic areas you need to think about starting with a broad topic, doing broad research through a field activity, gaining insights and learning more about problems and potential opportunities, then narrowing the topic, and then focusing and doing more research if necessary, then narrowing again.  This is a process of moving from a broad view to a narrow focus.

For example, if you start with on-campus recycling as your topic then as you conduct your broad research and your field activity, which could be, for example, recording your weekly activities and recording the amount of trash used and your waste methods.  Through this research you will identify several problems and potential opportunity areas like:

  • unclear signage on recycling bins
  • some items don’t have recycling trash cans like electronics
  • many people put trash in the recycling receptacles
  • not enough students care to walk to recycling bins and instead throw things away in the bin that is most convenient
  • certain locations like dorms don’t have easy and accessible recycling bins
  • the facilities staff don’t have an easy way of transporting the recyclables and keeping them separate
  • too much waste is recycled rather than reused or re-purposed (when certain materials like plastic get recycled they go through a very resource intensive process and it is not 100% recyclable, so if we could re-use before we recycle we could use resources more effectively)
  • a majority of the recyclable come from plastic bottles

Once you identify the issues and potential opportunities from your research, your team can then focus and narrow.  For example, maybe you focus on changing consumer behavior in college students to help make college students be more conscious about recycling.  From this narrow focus your team can do some more research and brainstorming ideas to satisfy this problem.  From there your team will narrow again until your team lands on the final solution.

– Shabi

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