Elevator Pitch Help

21 نوفمبر

For the elevator pitch, I expect most teams are taking a first stab at this, and that this elevator pitch will most likely change as the project continues and as the team identifies a narrowed focus and a solution that they are most interested in.  Please don’t get attached to the solution you use for this first elevator pitch but continue researching and brainstorming ideas.  I expect that at the end of this project the teams will go through 100s of ideas, much like you saw in the IDEO video.  Don’t fall in love with one idea yet.  Also please remember that the innovation does not necessarily need to be a product, it can be a product innovation, a service innovation, a system, a process innovation…ect.  Please take a look at the slides presented on “What is Innovation”  try and extend your brainstorming beyond just a product.  If you look at the ipod it is so successful because it was a product innovation (ipod) with a service innovation (iTunes) and a retail innovation (Apple store with the Genius Bar)…all of these come together to create a well defined system.


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