Information from Kroger Field Study

21 نوفمبر

from Kroger Unit Manager:

ways food is wasted…

1. meats at expiration date frozen and available for soup kitchens to pick up; otherwise destroyed in Kroger’s trash compactor after 3 days

2. Kroger bread donated to food bank; bread from certain companies sent to reclaim centers (longer time to get to food bank –> more food waste)

3. precooked food must be destroyed after expiration date

4. produce cannot be donated

attempts to save food…

-bread suppliers donate expired bread to Kroger for the food bank to pick up

-Kroger sells food at cheaper prices when it’s at the expiration date

-Nabisco (owned by Kraft) donates to food banks individually/doesn’t rely on Kroger

-coupons sent out to Kroger Plus Card members to encourage them to buy the foods they purchase regularly

Kroger uses a regional database to manage when food has been received and when it will expire. This system is used to check expired products at the beginning of each day.

Customer experience:

Our team went through the aisles of Kroger looking for items in various categories that college students who prepared their own meals would likely purchase. We photographed instances where the cheaper option required buying a larger quantity wich would likely spoil before the student could consume it, contributing to food waste.






Turkey breast





Orange Juice


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