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21 نوفمبر

Sustainability – the act of fulfilling present needs without the overuse of resources that would jeopardize future needs.

Using recycled bottles and cups not only conserves resources but also saves other resources such as energy and water.

Interview with Elena Joy – Student

How often do you purchase beverages from the vending machine?

“I usually purchase a drink from the vending machine every time I do laundry at Hopkins. Since there is a vending machine in the laundry room, it is easy access”

What current issues do you believe come up when using the current vending machine system from an environmental standpoint?

“Too many bottles are being used, not as many are being recycled.”

How do you think that this system can be improved in order to be more environmentally  aware?

“Ive never really thought about it, but I guess they could put recycling bins next to vending machines so maybe people would recycle more”

Interview with William Waddy – Britain Dining Hall Supply Supervisor

How long does a refill in the beverage dispenser typically last?

The beverage refill consists of a syrup mix which lasts between 3-5 hours depending on day and time.

For what reasons are the plastic re-usable cups used as opposed to the paper/plastic disposable cups? Visa versa?

The different purchases of the three different types of cups at Britain were meant to serve three different purposes. The paper cups were originally purchased for the coffee to prevent staining of the tea cups. The re-usable hard plastic cups were purchased to reduce cost because only one purchase was necessary. The disposable “plastic” cups are not plastic. They are actually made out of sugar, making them an environmentally friendly source of beverage containment. According to Waddy, the three different conveniences “break about even.”

How many plastic re-usable cups are available the Britain Dining Hall?

About 300 are kept out front, but there are approximately 400-450 total.

How does the dishwater in the back operate?

A conveyer belt runs all the dishes through four different stages. The first stage is a pre-rinse with the water reaching about 180°. The second stage is a regular rinse with slightly cooler water of about 160°. The third stage is the actual wash cycle that reaches about 180°. The last stage is the final rinse with waters reaching 200°.

PlantBottle (click this link to watch video)

Elevator Pitch:

The idea that we have decided to present is one that will reduce the amount of plastic bottles in circulation. We will be expanding on the concept of the PlantBottle shown in the above video. This bottle, which is made up of 30% plants, is also 100% recyclable. However, this does not mean that 100% of people recycle. Now imagine a vending machine that was not only able to give out bottles of your selected beverage, but was also able to provide refills for those who have previously purchased the PlantBottle. People can place this bottle in the machine, and receive a refill of their drink for a reduced price. This will promote people saving their bottles, instead of throwing them in the trash, like many people do. Not only are we promoting recyclable materials, as seen in the PlantBottle, but also promoting recycling, as seen in our new vending machine idea.

Further interviews and research to come. We are currently talking with the World of Coke to set up some sort of interview with them in the near future.

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نوفمبر 22nd, 2010 at 10:59 م

This is not the correct assignment. Please look at the elevator pitch handout. For this assignment all you need to do is fill in the blank for those 6 statements.



نوفمبر 23rd, 2010 at 2:07 م

Please redo your elevator pitch to address the 6 statements.

Good start on the research. But remember that consumers may not know how to address this problem, as this is not something they think about day-to-day, so try asking them more questions about their own personal experience and activities, rather than asking them to provide solutions. Also, remember that consumers aren’t always great at articulating and expressing themselves verbally, it is just as important to listen to what people DON’T say as it is to listen to what they do say. I would even suggest simply sitting and observing people’s different methods of drinking and how the vending machine is used and how often.

Rethink your questions and I suggest asking more questions about the experience, ask them to show you how they go through the activities if they can.
Use open ended questions to invite consumers to tell stories about their personal experiences. This will give you greater insights. Always ask them to expand on an answer or to “Tell me more”. Also capture the way they say things, are they smiling, angry, annoyed, ect….and observe people going through the activity. This will give you a better understanding of the feelings and emotions through the experience and will help you discover things that people don”t remember or aren’t great at articulating.

Also keep on brainstorming & uploading your brainstorming activities.



نوفمبر 25th, 2010 at 2:16 م

take a look at the power point that I presented on Innovation: This will give your team a good idea of what type of information you want to gather and document from your research. Through the research, Capture what people do, how they behave, document other objects that are involved in the experience, document the environmental characteristics that affect the experience, document the messaging and signage that helps guide people, document the services if any that are being provided as part of the experience. Additionally document your own personal experiences, how did you feel, were you confused, stressed, where did you look for answers, ect

The more you document the more insights your group can gather which will lead better brainstorming and ideation.

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