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20 نوفمبر

interview 1

subject: Darren Schrick

do you park in the city often?

  • Yes, I park in the city two to three times a week.

is the system easy to use? what are some of its notable flaws?

  • It’s random.

what do you mean by that?

  • There are so many places to park, and there are a lot of different prices. Some areas are safe; some are not. I guess those would be considered flaws? Well, there’s no consistent experience with parking in Atlanta

have you ever considered using public transportation?

  • Yes, I have. I haven’t looked into it further. I know there is the park and ride transportation that leads from not too far from my house, but I’ve never taken the time to check it out.

do you have any particular reason for deciding not to look into it?

  • Hmm. I’ve never really had the time to sit around and think it out. I already have a car, so I didn’t really consider the other options.

what changes would you like to see in the parking system around Atlanta?

  • Maybe more of a “one size fits all” approach.

like what?

  • The ability to find a parking spot and to know how much it’s going to be. I want to be able to not worry about if I have access to a certain lot or if I am too far away from other destinations. Will I have to move my car multiple times and pay multiple fees for parking? It would also be nice to have a one-stop internet spot to find the answers to all of my questions.

how do you feel about time constraints associated with parking meters?

  • I hate them. I can’t stand it when I know my time is running low and I can’t get out of a meeting. I hate trying to get back to my car in five minutes when I know it’s going to take 10 and hoping that I don’t have a ticket.

can you describe any particularly negative experience you have had with parking in Atlanta?

  • I’ve had at least one parking ticket. The other day, I parked in a cheap lot and when I got back to my car, somebody had thrown a cup of coffee over one side of it. I was so mad.

thank you for your time. apologies for making you recall terrible past experiences.

  • Don’t worry about it.

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نوفمبر 23rd, 2010 at 12:06 م

Good first interview. Good use of open ended questions. Remember that consumers aren’t always able to articulate potential solutions, and it is as important to listen to what people DON’T say as it is to listen to what they DO say. I suggest asking more questions about the experience, ask them to show you how they go through the activities if they can. Great job at asking probing questions and asking them to explain their answers, that is a great way of getting even more information that you may have not have, always ask them to expand on an answer or to “Tell me more”. Also capture the way they say things, are they smiling, angry, annoyed, ect….and observe people going through the activity. This will give you a better understanding of the feelings and emotions through the experience and will help you discover things that people don”t remember or aren’t great at articulating.



نوفمبر 25th, 2010 at 2:05 م

take a look at the power point that I presented on Innovation: http://rand.gatech.edu/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/What-is-Innovation1.pdf. This will give your team a good idea of what type of information you want to gather and document from your research. Through the research, Capture what people do, how they behave, document other objects that are involved in the experience, document the environmental characteristics that affect the experience, document the messaging and signage that helps guide people, document the services if any that are being provided as part of the experience. Additionally document your own personal experiences, how did you feel, were you confused, stressed, where did you look for answers, ect

The more you document the more insights your group can gather which will lead better brainstorming and ideation.

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