Elevator Pitch

19 نوفمبر

for: commuters to the city of Atlanta, more specifically those who take I-85

because: the current system of merging and exiting is precarious and prone to slow significantly from minor accident

Innovation: institute split bridges for merging lanes

Function: so that motorists that are currently on the highway waiting to exit, can easily cross under the bridge to exit without contending with the new merge lane and mergers have the option of either merging into the second lane of the highway or proceeding directly to the next exit. (The bridge has two lanes, one lane leading to the highway, the other leading to the exit).

So That: Unlike traditional highway systems, motorists do not have to change lanes 1/4 mile before the exit, making the transition safer for both the exit-er and the merger. We would implement additional signage to clarify this process.

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نوفمبر 23rd, 2010 at 1:33 م

Good work on the elevator pitch.

But, please upload your research findings as well as your findings from your field research. You can look at the “Designing Individualism” group for a good example of field research. Also you can use yourselves as the interviewees and document your experience. Or perform observational research.

Additionally, don’t finalize your concept yet, let this remain as one idea. Continue brainstorming alternate ideas and please upload your brainstorming activities as well.

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