11 نوفمبر

group name: Aprils Twenty-one

Erica Raymond

Alexa King

Luke Kvasnicka

Maxwell Neiswander

Topic: Obesity among teens and young adults

Narrowed: Campus fast food restaurants and dining halls.

By observing the people that enter and eat in these places we can determine their lifestyles. From there we can produce alternate foods, eating patterns, or ways to let the public know how bad some food are for their bodies and how to avoid obesity.

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نوفمبر 11th, 2010 at 9:50 م

Sounds like a good plan! Go ahead and begin your research & Field Activity. While you are researching think about all the parties involved, the consumer, the university, and the restaurants. Don’t limit your approach to just the consumer’s perspective alone. There could be a potential solution from the perspective of the restaurant or university as well.

I will make a category for your team labeled: Healthy Eating on College Campuses. Please tag all your work for this project using this tag.

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