Reservoir Jackets- thwg

11 نوفمبر

Members: Taylor Dodson, Natalie Souther, Chris Henry, David Woods, Erin Cobb

Problem area: Pedestrian traffic from A to Z just to get to B. Although some cities have adopted pedestrian friendly areas, many more have not. Vast stretches from A to B are so vehicle dominated that pedestrians are forced to go from A, take a detour around B, then pass through every other letter before arriving at…B. Cross walks are often few and far between, as are people friendly bridges across roads (I-85 and I-75 for instance). Traffic lights are terribly biased against pedestrians, street lights are often in poor repair, and sidewalks are often cracked or more dangerous than the roads beside them.

Group name: Reservoir Jackets.

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نوفمبر 11th, 2010 at 10:02 م

Let’s rethink your topic. The topic that you are suggesting is a solution area, not a topic area. Start by defining a global theme that you are interested in, then narrow the focus by choosing an activity area that you can observe and physically experience. Look at some of the examples listed on the site to get a good idea. For example you could look at waste on college campuses. Biodegradable plates is already an answer not a question or problem. Pose your topic as a problem that you can examine. Please refine your topic and re-post before you begin.



نوفمبر 19th, 2010 at 4:42 م

Great improvements on your topic area. I think this could lead to an interesting project.

I will create a category label for your group: Pedestrian Paths, please use this category label every time your team uploads a post.

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