Innovation Project Topic Areas

11 نوفمبر


Those of you who have already posted, thank you.  But as a class let’s rethink the topic areas.  If you have already posted please read my comment and try and refine your post.  Please make sure that you start with a larger global issue.

Examples of Global Issues:  Poverty, Hunger, Water, Lack of Resources, Sustainability, Education, Energy, Health, Disease, Political Unrest, Economy

Then narrow your focus, to a topic that you can analyze and physically experience yourself.

Examples of Narrowed Topics from larger issues:

  • Sustainability — Public Transportation Issues & Marta
  • Health & US Obesity – Eating Healthy on College Campuses
  • Sustainability — Eco Transportation Options – Bike Riding as a form of Transportation in Atlanta
  • Sustainability — Eco Transportation Options – Carpooling in Atlanta
  • Public Health care – Grady Health Clinic
  • Unemployment Issues – Connecting People with Employers
  • Reducing Waste – Explore how Georgia Tech deals with Waste
  • Energy Options – Georgia Tech Energy Use

Do NOT focus your topic area around a specific product, but focus your topic around an activity.  Narrowing your focus to a product will simply lead to a product innovation.  In this exercise your final solution does not need to be a product, it can be a service innovation, a business model innovation, a process innovation, OR a product innovation.  It can also be an offering that combines more than one type of innovation.

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