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Welcome to the official blog for Georgia Tech’s first-year design course, Introduction to the Designed, Built, and Lived Environment, Fall 2010. This course includes students with an interest in architecture, industrial design and building construction.

This blog page focuses on one of the projects in the course around the topic of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The project aims to cultivate entrepreneurial designers by investigating the power of innovation through products, systems, services, business models, or experiences to create positive social and environmental change. This project also intends to teach students and practitioners about the power of the design process to enrich and transform and to take on large global issues.

“Design thinking can lead to hundreds of ideas and, ultimately, real-world solutions that create better outcomes for organizations and the people they serve.” Tim Brown & Jocelyn Wyatt

This project deals with the challenge of bringing to market elegant and efficient solutions to solve complex problems with a human-centered approach. This challenge is fundamental in innovation, and is relevant whether you work for a startup or a large company, whether you sell products or services, and whether your consumers are individual consumers, companies, or institutions. This project extends beyond the discovery of new solution, but through this project students will also develop a plan for a new venture. This project gives students the hands-on experience in discovering innovative solutions and developing them into new business opportunities.


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