The class, working in small groups, has collectively created a rich resource: a blog populated and tagged with multiple examples of “design “ and “design process”. Now is your chance to mine this rich compost of ideas and possibilities.

Surf this blog. Find three cases that you find intriguing because of the negotiations, and tensions, they present.

Leave a comment for each case directly on the blogpost. Start or contribute to a conversation. Leave a record. (50 to 100 words).

NOTE: We want each student to comment as an individual through their RAND group account. The individual should log in through their group account to leave a comment. Within the body of the comment the individual should leave their name (preferably just their first name) as a signature. This so that we (the graders) can identify each individual’s contribution.

Then reflect on what these cases — the three selected by you and the one worked on by your group — suggest for how design is, or could be, carried out.

Speculate on how these cases could inform “design” and the “design process”:

  • What could designers, and design practice, learn from these cases and their negotiations?
  • What sorts of challenges and opportunities do these cases raise for the way design is normally understood, taught, and practiced?
  • How could some of these lessons have influenced your Innovations Project?

LENGTH OF ESSAY: 750-1000 words MINIMUM. We are looking for essays that are carefully thought through, well-written, and clear.

This assignment should be completed individually. You may complete this assignment anytime before Dec 16th at 5pm.

Individually, submit the url’s for the blog entry which you commented on, as well as the essay via the T-square site.