Get approval on one of your two proposed topics from Assignment 0.

If (Not Approved)

  • Get feedback from a TA or Sabir.
  • Re-propose 2 projects by this Sunday Nov. 11th. (redo Assignment  0)


  • Start Documentation & Analysis Phase for your approved project.

Documentation & Analysis Overview:

This assignment has two parts.  Begin part 1 through Nov 11-17th and work on part 2  Nov 18-24th. Both are due Nov 24th at midnight. The material you research, collect, and post for part 1 in general relates directly to the case selected.  The material collected and researched for part 2 relates to the negotiations and taxonomies identified.

Part 1 Documentation:  What is the information necessary for someone else to get a full picture of the case your group has selected to work on?  Over the next week, assemble this material and post to your blog. Review the material with your group and ask yourselves:  What else is needed?  Do we need information about is organization, its procedures, the people involved, the situation(s) within which it takes place, etc.  organize this material as clearly as possible on your blog.  Once you have done this, seek out your peers and TA’s and ask them to review it and give you feedback.  Add additional information, revise format, write explanatory text, and include imagery as necessary.

Part 2. Analysis:  What information is necessary to begin to understand/analyze the “negotiations” and “taxonomies” identified so far?  The research for this part will wander farther afield from the case since you are exploring “notions”, constructs, and “ideas”.  We will workshop this in class next Wednesday, November  17, you should have started Part 1 by this point and have at least some outline live on a “work in progress” blog entry.

The Documentation & Analysis blog entry should contain:

  • Evidence of reassessment & justification of both your taxonomies and negotiations.
  • Narrow your focus to 2 negotiations.
  • Explanatory text.
  • Sufficient supporting imagery.
  • References.

Due Nov 24th.