Promoting Local Entrepreneurship

Pup N Suds: Elavatory Pitch

23, نوفمبر 2010

For: Active members of community looking for food in all the wrong places.

Who are dissatisfied with: Traditional, happenstantial approaches to finding quality and/or new food experiences.

Innovation Offering: Creating a new app that would facilitate interesting and rewarding dining decisions by combining local entrepreneurship and selective promotion through the means of proximity-sensitive social networking.

That Provides: Our innovation would provide a empirical and interactive means to arrive at rewarding dining experience inlcuding self-prepared ideas as well as local dining establishments.

Unlike: Our app is unlike successful apps such as Groupon, Urban Spoon, and 4 Square because it combines the functions of all of these apps (as well as similar apps) into an experience that is both personally rewarding and stimulating to the local economy.

Solving the Problems: Our idea addresses peoples’ desire to find quality, local dining experiences by personalizing the process of discovery and decision making by combining various social networking strategies.

Team Pup N Suds

11, نوفمبر 2010

Team Members: Michelle Everett, Joshua Hoes, Rock MacDaniel, David Moore, Helen Winter

Global Topic: Retail