Revamping Recycling

1)Re-vamp recycling service
2)For college students
3)Who find recycling inconveniant and non- efficent.
4)Our solution is a pick-up, transportive, and organizational service
that increases conveniance and efficency,
5)unlike the time consuming ways of normal recycling.
6)Our service provides door-to-door pick-up of recycled goods and guarentees their delivery and proper sorting to the end user.

Service innovation – It is the re-design and new way of thinking about a typical service: recycling.

Business model innovation – It has the potential to branch into an entrepreneurship revolving around the product of all recyclable goods.

Process innovation – It uses a precise procedural layout that is defined in a new way. Instead of consumer focus on recycling, we will take out the middle man and smooth out the process by recycling the materials hands on.

Elevator Pitch: Recycling

21, نوفمبر 2010

Garbage is a problem that cannot be avoided. People will always have remnants that need to be disposed of. Since there is no way around this problem, the easiest solution to all of the negative effects of garbage is to focus on recycling. It will not only cut down on the amount to remnants in the landfills across the county, but it will enable the reuse of many byproducts. Even though the U.S. has made major improvements in recycling, we as a country are still not as efficient as we could be.

Landfills are where garbage goes to rest. They are giant holes in the ground that produce toxic substances that can harm animals as well as the environment. They emit many dangerous gases into the atmosphere and they pollute water sources causing potential harm. Many people do not like to talk about the landfill problem due to all of the other problems that they cause. Several different levels of government are working to make landfills better by cutting down on pollution. One of the main ways to cut down on these problems is to improve recycling. Pulling out recyclable materials before they reach the landfills will make the garbage amounts smaller and easier to manage. Some cities and towns are starting to establish separate recyclable collecting, but the U.S. still has a long way to go.

Country | Percentage of Waste Recycled

  1. Switzerland 52%
  2. Austria 49.7%
  3. Germany 48%
  4. Netherlands 46%
  5. Norway 40%
  6. Sweden 34%
  7. United States 31.5%

Just by looking at this chart, it is easy to see that we have improved as a nation, but we are still not even in the top five in the world regarding recycling. In the U.S. there are many different small problems that get in the way of the bigger problem of recycling. The deposits and or charge for collecting recyclable materials is a problem for many people. Another problem is the time commitment. It takes copious amounts of time to sort recyclable materials into categories- paper, glass, aluminum, etc. Many people do not have the drive or the incentive to put in the time required to recycle.

For our service:

  • We need to study how other companies recycle effectively and efficiently
  • We need to get other companies and corporations on board and involved with actively participating in the efforts to recycle
  • Give people a reason to care about recycling
  • Make it easier by simplifying the steps that contribute to recycling
  • Get more funding from the government and the community in order to be more successful with our efforts to improve recycling

To find out about how well recycling works in our local community, we went around and surveyed 100 people (primarily GT students) on whether they recycle or not.

We were incredibly surprised when we found out that a good majority of them (52%) recycle.

When I asked them why, their responses were career driven, environmental, forced by a fellow roommate, or due to personal morals. Two or Three students were very vigorous about their recycling, and those were the roommates who forced their habits on the fellow partner.  Since they already said they were on top of recycling, I asked if the service would be of any use or just extraneous. All but two said that they would really appreciate the service and that its help would not be useless. The other two responded that they

already have to take the trash out and didn’t see the point in not just doing it them-selves.

Inconvenience was the main reason for the next two categories wavering participation in recycling. The fact that they have to think about which bin they are throwing stuff in was one excuse.  Also not just being able to throw the bag of recycling into a spot, but having to take out each individual bottle and place it in the slot was a hassle. The fact that they relocated the recycling and the new location was unknown was another dilemma.  The fact that the walk to the new location varied from the walk to the old location by 50 steps might alter their diligence.

Those who said they kind of recycled, like every now and then when they happen to remember, or are home were 24%. All said if a service was provided to come and collect their items, they would recycle. One of the “kind of” individuals was from UGA. I asked her if they, like Tech, offer dorm students two cans, one for trash and the intended for recycling.  She said they don’t and she never sees recycling around the campus either like Tech does with their 4 optional disposals.

Those who said no were in the 35th percentage. Most of them referred to their two trash cans being more useful than one recycling and one trash. Two or three out of this group were kind of put on edge and responded that they didn’t feel a need to do so.  The remainder of the group responded positively to the service.

5 innovation Ideas

  1. A non-profit service that goes around a set community (Tech) and provides pick-up, sorting and transportation for recycling.
  2. A recycling shoot implemented in dorms- proximity, and due to the fact that there is less recycling than trash cleaning it out won’t be as frequent/concerning.
  3. A crafts store/group implemented on sections of west/east that gather the recycled material from the residents in the dorm, and re-use those materials for fun activities and creations.
  4. Create a sorting device, kind of like some kids piggy banks do with coins, that organizes the materials
  5. Put fines on people who don’t recycle/a rebate on taxes (like when people donate items to Salvation Army)-Other governments in other countries already implement this policy

Instead of a product, our group decided to focus on a service. Just like the community’s local garbage trucks come weekly, weekly recycle trucks could come to collect recycled goods. No need to sort bottles from cans because this service will sort them for you. This service will make recycling easier for everyone to manage which will cause recycling to become more popular and people will become more aware of it.



19, نوفمبر 2010

Group Members: Samantha Sussberg, Carly Smith, Kiyah Crittendon, Jennifer Driesbach
Project Topic: Recycling revamped