Pedestrian Paths

Elevator Pitch

22, نوفمبر 2010

For individuals that rely on sidewalks and pedestrian paths to get where they need to be
and have unmet needs or standards for safety, efficiency, and ease of navigation,
we propose an initiative for the construction of footbridges, skyways, safer lighting practices, and stronger security presence.
This will reduce or eliminate time wasted walking out of the way and waiting on cross walks while increasing safety, efficiency, and comfort.
The status quo is insufficient, dangerous, and requires a lot of wasting time and energy. To get from point A to point B often requires skipping B and going through C,D,and E just to get to B. Along the way is broken pavement, busted lights, and potentially a lack of sidewalk altogether.
We want to use the city’s right of way to extend sidewalks just a little, add more lights, and gradually integrate footbridges and perhaps even skyways, which are extremely popular and well received in Minneapolis and many other metropolitan areas.

Walking is a good choice for our health and the environment. It shouldn’t be such a hassle. Right now the system is heavily biased in favor of motorists, and that’s not likely to change. So let’s rise above it, beside it, and every way we can get around it. Widen pedestrian paths, build bridges, tunnels, skyways, moving sidewalks. Give two legged animals their rights back! Through taking care of our pedestrian paths, we take care of our pedestrians, who are after all, every bit as important as motorists. When people feel safer and have a better experience, they’re far more likely to stick around and to come back down the road.

Reservoir Jackets- thwg

11, نوفمبر 2010

Members: Taylor Dodson, Natalie Souther, Chris Henry, David Woods, Erin Cobb

Problem area: Pedestrian traffic from A to Z just to get to B. Although some cities have adopted pedestrian friendly areas, many more have not. Vast stretches from A to B are so vehicle dominated that pedestrians are forced to go from A, take a detour around B, then pass through every other letter before arriving at…B. Cross walks are often few and far between, as are people friendly bridges across roads (I-85 and I-75 for instance). Traffic lights are terribly biased against pedestrians, street lights are often in poor repair, and sidewalks are often cracked or more dangerous than the roads beside them.

Group name: Reservoir Jackets.