Sanitary Meals

Operation Mr. Clean:

Our mission is to shatter the stereotype of public dining facilities by revitalizing dingy cafeterias, dining halls, and food courts so that they exude cleanliness and openness while also ensuring food sanitation with the ultimate goals of appealing to a myriad of people, effectively utilizing community dining spaces,  and making the experience of a dining hall more efficient by decreasing traffic congestions. Specifically, we are focusing on both Britain Dining Hall and the Student Center Dining Hall here at Georgia Tech.

Outline of Scope and Plan:

  • Target audience: For college students
  • Who are dissatisfied with cleanliness of Brittian and the Student Center food court
  • Our innovation offering in terms clean spaces is to figure out a better way to keep these public eating forums clean by setting redirecting traffic flow by fung shway changes of table locations and shapes.We also want to make the food in these public dining facilities to be appealing (new presentation and preservation tactics).


-puzzle pieced tables that can be broken into several smaller tables that can be cleaned easier

-individual squeegees dispenser underneath chairs or tables so that each individual can easily clean his or her mess

-segments of dark carpeted floors which are more comfortable, homey-feeling, and reduce stickiness and slipperiness (doesnt show spills)

In terms of the food,we seek to keep the food as clean and                                            uncontaminated as possible


– all food presented in big rototating domes with handles and people just rotate domes to pour out food rather than using ladles or tongs and having to put their hands in the food when they fall in.

– dome coverings with sliding openings on all food so that sandwich meat and salad items are not just sitting on an open platter for hours (similar to a bread box)

  • That provides a cleaner and more inviting environment in which students will enjoy eating and congregating.

a. This innovation is helpful because it will make sure that especially during busy hours, the alteration of the dining hall space will change and redirect the traffic flow decreasing the amount of concentrated human germs in the food area. It will also quicken the process as people will spend less time searching for clean utensils, the best slice of turkey breast, re will be  more people staffed to aide in the traffic flow. The presentation of food will allow students to each cleaner, more sanitary food.

  • Our innovation includes establishing a more cohesive table settings to create more navigable aisles and to create a lesss cluttered/dingy fung shway of the room  as well as food presentation and sanitation.

a. By doing all of these things, the sanitation level of both the space and the                         food should greatly improve,  especially during “rush” hours

Elevator Pitch

22, نوفمبر 2010

Field Study of Brittain:

•  dingy

•  yellow tinted lighting-makes for a dreary experience

•  not cohesive

•  tables close together-hard to walk in between

•  exclusive sitting arrangements-spaced out/strangers don’t have to sit close

•  floors are slippery and sticky

•  tables are dirty

•  the plates aren’t always clean

•  frequent table cleaning

•  germs from table get on eating utensils (cross contamination)

•  they put out the food and wait until its all gone to replenish it (leave food out all day)

•  starfruit: looks like plastic

•  “Woody’s is clearly better than Brittain because…”

•  refill milk often

•  leaking drink fountains creating the sticky mess on the floors

•  innumerable spills

•  handles of ladles fall into food so you have to put your entire hand in the fries or in the soup to get the ladle

•  the people clean tables while students are still eating at the table

•  search for a clean plate

•  waffle machine-people make grilled cheese in  it/disgusting/crusty batter

•  hand sanitizer located on the walls

•  “Its shocking that the drink fountain actually worked today”

Field Study of Student Center:

  • All subjects enjoy eating in the student center because it is convenient and the food is better than brittain
  • Thought that it is generally clean for the most part except for at lunchtime, when tables and floor and trashcans are overfilled and dirty
  • To change: more self responsibility and have more staff that do trash rounds constantly
  • Cleaning the tables more frequently is a must
  • Also need to vacuum the carpet area more often
  • All subjects talked mainly about how it needs to be kept clean, with more frequent rounds, especially during meal times
  • Dynamic environment, with interesting light fixtures and wide variety of seating arrangements
  • Seems like a fun and inviting place to be
  • Tables are really close together so it makes it hard to walk when there are large crowds
  • Service is quite slow, even when there aren’t very many people there
  • Soda machines run out of ice often


  • Some sort of incentive for the students to keep the student center cleaner
  • Adjust work zones for staff during busy times, to ensure that the garbage cans especially are constantly emptied/cleaned
  • Rework spacing for tables
  • Add more condiment stations away from lines so as to reduce traffic
  • Make sure that food is exchanged often, so as to avoid contamination
  • Keep the utensil stations and drink machines full and operational at all times
  • Discover a better way for the ladles and serving utensils to stay out of food, but also keep from getting contaminated by counters, hands, etc.


11, نوفمبر 2010

Jasmine Burton

Elizabeth Welty

Eric Goldstein

Chase Parrish

Global topic: Health and Sanitation in college cafeterias and food courts