Improving the Laundry Process

Colleen Lu
Michelle Kraus
Andrea Del Risco
Zach Jordan
Tyler Martin


  • For clothing stores/industry and consumers
  • Who are dissatisfied with existing forms of organization of clothing
  • Our solution is an integration of RFID tags into clothing in place of normal tags
    That allows for scanners built into a washing machine/dryer to scan the tags which then can be used to: create an online database of clothes that gives information about number of washes, show a picture of the clothing, as well as show much more info. It can then monitor amounts of washes/dries, send information to stores to improve sales, track amounts of clothes left in certain stores, change prices remotely, track clothing of criminals and others who enter and exit stores, etc. When throwing clothes into a machine, the machine will then come up with a list of what’s currently in the machine and what to leave in or take out and what special washing requirements are needed.

  • Unlike current washers, driers, and clothes tags which do not store information or organize digitally information about clothes that enter and exit washers and driers,
  • Our process provides a range of information that can then be used for many different things as listed above.

    Brainstorming and Ideas:

    • For locker room/gym goers
    • Who don’t want to carry gym clothes, towels, and shoes to and from the gym
    • Our solution is a laundry service provided by the gym
    • That allows you drop your clothes in a porthole at the back of the locker and receive them the next time you go to the gym, the clothes and towels having been washed, the shoes desanitized, and all of the above placed back in the locker within 4 hours.
    • Unlike current traditional laundry services and transportation in which sweaty clothes must me transported back and forth between the gym,
    • Our service provides clean gym-affiliated laundry located in a convenient, rented locker, aids in the transportation of clothes, and limits the contamination of other dirty clothes that are stored with the gym clothes at home, for instance.
      -Lockers have room behind where laundry falls into personal bins (only employees have access to the room) or in between two rows of lockers there is a small hallway area that works the same way
      -after changing, drop off clothes into hole in back or locker where they either drop or slide to designated bin
      -service provided by having special gym membership card
      -shoes are sprayed and cleaned
      -clothes, towels and shoes guaranteed to be stored back in locker within 4 hours

      -Door-to-door laundry service
      -Laundry tubes
      -Making a deal with laundromat to transport laundry
      -Giant turbine dryer in city for throwing clothes in
      -Laundry holder that fits in washer and dryer to limit moving of individual pieces

      Epic Video

      ^This video was filmed in various laundry rooms across Georgia Tech’s campus. The purpose was to find out what some basic opinions were regarding laundry in college and in general.

      ^Currently, the CRC at Georgia Tech only offers clean towels and has no sort of laundry service in place. There is profit to be made from implementation of a system similar to the one described above.


11, نوفمبر 2010

Group Members: Tyler Martin, Zach Jordan, Colleen Lu, Andrea Del Risco, Michelle Kraus

Topic: Laundry in a Modern World

  • Effectively managing pile-ups
  • Efficiency, energy consumption (water, electricity, etc…)
  • Transport