Dead Drops Assignment 1

24, نوفمبر 2010


Clean files Vs the spread of viral and illegal files

The people who wish to participate in Dead Drops should      appreciate the experience and the excitement of sharing  information and files with somewhat ‘virtual’ friends. However,    there are people in the modern day who take advantage of such  public spaces to plant viruses and other types of illegal information  using these USBs. If such a person decides to plant viruses, any  innocent participant who finds the dead drop, and plugs their  computer in, can be instantly sabotaged.

Dead Drop location Vs property damage while placing Dead Drops

The video on hosts a video on the home page that is an exciting introduction for future participants of dead drops. They give various examples and a step by step process into how to create a space for the USBs. In the video, they install USBs into the side of walls by stuccoing the USB into a hole. Also they show a participant using rubber cement to stick a dead drop under a payphone at a subway station. As wonderful and exciting as this program is, people need to be cautious as to where they install these dead drops. Shop owners may not be too keen on a USB sticking out of the side of their brick wall and the government may not be thrilled that the participants are cementing USBs to their property.


Community Sharing Design:

Through this program, the community participants share data with one another. The program is more of an experience than it is like the internet, another form of community sharing primarily data based. The experience involves the hunt, the search for the dead drops to add to ones collection of gained information. It also consists of the thrill of the find and the excitement of looking for a new one, along with planting your own and hoping that people find them, almost like a scavenger hunt. However, it is different from a scavenger hunt because, instead of just gaining clues to the next one, you gain information and ideas that would otherwise remain unknown and unshared.

Sharing Unexposed Ideas Design

For a participant that doesn’t have any connections, this can be a form of networking ideas. They can spread their ideas and get feedback and have others share their ideas. For example, an inventor knows who to give their ideas to, however, a rookie, or amateur, wouldn’t know how to get the necessary attention to get their ideas seen or published. The Dead Drops system can help spread these ideas. People have become famous off of websites such as and with their music. This could be an alternate way of spreading ideas and sharing them with the entire community.

Dead Drops

9, نوفمبر 2010

The idea behind this is having USB ports embedded into concrete walls and people can walk up and connect with them and put up files that they want others to see. This allows for a community file sharing system. This started in New York City and only five were posted. Many people have wanted this to come to other places, especially Atlanta, Georgia. We chose this because we believe this is a great idea and it would allow people to feed off others ideas and develop them further. We think there are great ideas out there and this could be a great start to getting them out into the public.


– People sharing files/ideas with other people

The Dead Drops project allows the community to share personal files with one another. Not only this but people are also able to share ideas through the dead drops that can be found around the nation. It can also be seen as a more active form of Peer to Peer file sharing system. However, there is the issue of misusage of copyrighted files and of the dead drops themselves.

-Environment and people

Through the Dead Drops project people can learn more about their surroundings. In trying to share an idea, people are forced to go to the dead drops locations in order to put their files inside the usb drives. This also provides a sort of entertainment for those who are truly amused by the idea behind the project.

Some more Negotiations to think about would involve:

clean files vs the spread of virus’ and illegal documents

easy access vs the ambiguity of other dead drops

legally placing drops vs destroying property when placing dead drops

Dead Drops \”How To\” Video!

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