Healthy Eating on College Campuses

Field Activity

For our field activity we decided to take an investigative journey to Brittain dining hall to research the experience of an average college student at the dining hall.  Using skills we learned in our 1011 class we decided to map the process and experience at a dining hall.  We took pictures and videos from the moment we entered the dining hall until the end of our experience.  We also interviewed other students to find out their views on the dining hall and healthy eating.  We’ve posted the photos and videos of out experience below and have created a rough diagram of the dining hall process.

For college students that eat on campus,
who are dissatisfied with unhealthy eating options,
our innovation offering is a calorie-counting tray
that totals how many calories are in the food placed on the tray.
Unlike other media containing food nutrition information
the calorie-counting tray is an in-your-face reminder of the healthiness of your meal.


I saw this article & thought it might be interesting for your group:



11, نوفمبر 2010

group name: Aprils Twenty-one

Erica Raymond

Alexa King

Luke Kvasnicka

Maxwell Neiswander

Topic: Obesity among teens and young adults

Narrowed: Campus fast food restaurants and dining halls.

By observing the people that enter and eat in these places we can determine their lifestyles. From there we can produce alternate foods, eating patterns, or ways to let the public know how bad some food are for their bodies and how to avoid obesity.