Lifehacker.com is a weblog that allows users to search for videos, instructions and step-by-step tutorials about many computer related questions they may have.

It is set up where you can search for exactly what you’re looking for, or you can simply scan through article headlines and such to find something that interests you. The homepage contains some of the new and popular how-to articles.

This website is not your typical design, but it is definitely something that is used consistently nowadays. Many people find this website a lot more helpful than, say, a book, and a lot more inexpensive than having a professional fix your computer problems.


Utility vs Price- This website is, of course, useful: thousands of people solve their problems using it everyday. As of now, it is completely free to use, but should people have to pay to use it? Designers probably made the right decision on this one: I, personally, wouldn’t pay very much if any money at all to use something that I could possibly just Google online. Having all the information in one convenient place is very nice, but not for a price.

Online vs Offline- Most people have computers nowadays, or at least access to one, so having this website online is the best option for reaching as many people as possible. If it were offline, maybe having all these tutorials in a book, not nearly as many people would make use of it. An important concept today is having things paperless; not just to keep things eco-friendly (another reason why this website is a plus) but because having this be a website instead of a book makes it much more accessible to users.

Public versus Area-focused- Another reason this design is a good one is because anyone can use it. People want something they don’t have to sign up for or pay for, which is exactly what Lifehacker.com is: a free, no sign up necessary weblog. This makes it trouble free and a lot more appealing to users.


Eco-friendly design- Lifehacker.com is completely paperless and uses not man-made materials, so it does not harm the environment.

User-friendly design- This website is easy to use, helpful, and free to all who use it, making it a first choice to computer users with questions.

This design is something that is meant to help people, and along with helping its users, Lifehacker.com also helps the environment: a priority now. The negotiations I chose to discuss were the ones I found most important to the design of this website, and the taxonomies were the two main ones I thought the most prominent.