090628 Atlanta–Georgia State studio art student and Wonder Root intern, Deanna Maslam, 19, paints her plywood sign.

Artists and community members gather at Eyedrum in Atlanta, Gs Sunday, June 28, 2009 to paint 108 signs to post along the Beltway project.

“It’s a wonderful idea,” Wonder Root founder Chris Appleton, 26, said of the project. ”
And if done responsibly, it could be one of the best things for Atlanta.”

Appleton, however, cannot take credit for the “Signing of the Beltline” project. Angel Poventud, 37, who has been active in the Beltline project for five years, had been shopping the idea around town for months. One night about three months ago, at pecha kucha night at Octane, Poventud spoke with Appleton and co-found of Wonder Root, Alex West, 25, about support for his vision.

“Nobody knows where this thing is,” Poventud said of the Beltline path he has personally walked over five times scouting locations for the signs.

“Our goal is to increase awareness about the beltline, beautify the city and bring people together to collaborate in doing this.” Appleton said.

The group hopes to hang all 108 signs at intersections of crossing where people will see them. Elissa Eubanks/eeubanks@ajc.com

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